Paterson, New Jersey: A City of Forgotten Children and Abused Techers

I teach nearby Paterson and the state control is only concerned about lining the pockets of friends who are in administration. Teachers are treated unprofessionally and what is worse the lack of consideration for the students and their needs.

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Bruce Lowry, an editorial writer for The Record in New Jersey, writes here about the neglected public schools of Paterson, which have been under state control for more than 25 years.

Paterson is one of the state’s Abbott districts, an impoverished district that the courts ruled must get extra funding.

But layoffs have become an annual ritual, and no teacher knows how long her job will last.

The former state commissioner has announced he will work part-time in the district for $95 an hour. Nice.

Meanwhile, the consultants and overseers come and go, and the district has gained nothing from its long period of state control.

New Jersey has proved the futility of state control.

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An Open Letter To All Teachers Opting Out Of Your Union.

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An Open Letter to All Teachers Who Have Opted out of Your Union.

I know you have opted out of the Union, and since if I knew you personally, I would most likely respect you as an educator, I wanted to share my take on this situation. I don’t know what your reasons for your actions are, and don’t expect that you need to share them with me.  But I know that many of you,

  1. feel you just can’t afford the dues.  Perhaps you feel  

  2. the Union doesn’t do anything for you anyway.  Maybe you feel

  3. Unions have outgrown their usefulness.

Suffice it to say this long standing, well-funded and very carefully orchestrated attack on organized labor is not something I didn’t see coming.  I have been watching it evolve since President Reagan busted the Air Traffic Controllers Union (PATCO) in 1981. When organized labor allowed that to happen…

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Here are the Federal Programs DeVos Wants to Cut or Eliminate

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Valerie Strauss has created a useful guide to the major budget cuts in the U.S. Department of Education programs, in the budget proposed by the Trump administration.

A total of $10.6 billion will be cut from existing programs, with a share of those “savings” invested in school choice.

The rationale is given for each cut:

Here are some details that aren’t in the story. First is a list in the budget documents of proposed discretionary programs targeted for elimination, which the documents say will save $5.9 billion, and following that are the given justifications for each. They were targeted, the documents say, because they “achieved their original purpose, duplicate other programs, are narrowly focused, or are unable to demonstrate effectiveness.”

If failure to “demonstrate effectiveness” is reason for the cuts, then charters and vouchers should be on the list. Neither has demonstrated their superiority to public schools. Many evaluations show…

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My State In The W_ _ _ d

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Hello, Anti Fed Ed, Anti CCSS, and Anti Global Ed Warriors! If you noticed, I’ve added a ‘new’ type of Warrior to the list.

Since I began researching the shift in education (2009), I knew from one of Tom DeWeese’s articles that the end game for education in America was globally tied.

It was, in fact, this particular article and another one (by Cathy Duffy) about the push in America for national standards, which bothered me enough to begin researching!

As you know, since then, I’ve found plenty of evidence to support BOTH of these well respected citizens’ findings.  Since I began blogging (2014), the flood gates to support even more evidence to the global/national standards has come my way. I’ve done my best to share all that I can with you, so that, all of us are as informed as we can be in our War Vs…

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Trump’s Proposed Title I Intrusion Plan: FOCUS

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According to Reuters, the White House is supposed to release its proposed 2018 budget on May 23, 2017.

On May 17, 2017, the Washington Post purportedly received advance notification of Trump’s proposed 2018 federal education budget.

One of the items in that proposed ed budget is a new program called Furthering Options for Children to Unlock Success (FOCUS). As the Washington Post reports:

The administration would devote $1 billion in Title I dollars meant for poor children to a new grant program (called Furthering Options for Children to Unlock Success, or FOCUS) for school districts that agree to allow students to choose which public school they attend — and take their federal, state and local dollars with them.

The goal is to do away with neighborhood attendance zones that the administration says trap needy kids in struggling schools. …

But the notion of allowing Title I dollars to follow the student…

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